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Adventures in Life, Country Living, and Sustainability, Book #1: Our Homesteading Journey

Adventures in Life, Country Living, and Sustainability, Book #1: Our Homesteading Journey

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Adventures in Life, Country Living, and Sustainability, Book #1; Our Homesteading Journey, is about both my wife and my move to the countryside and the things in our life that led us to be more sustainable in lifestyle. It discusses our lifestyle and our homesteads along with the trials, errors, and successes that both my wife and I had along the way. As well as sharing some techniques and advice. Covering a span of more than eighteen years; we moved from the city to our first homestead, then we lived on a two hundred acre farm before buying our current homestead. We've grown produce, raised cattle, and chickens. We ran our own business selling art and wood-crafts, in addition to designing houses and furniture.

Come read about our adventures, joys, sorrows, successes, and failures along the way.

Number of pages: 122

Size 6" x 9" x .31"

My name is Philip and I'm a husband and father, a writer, an outdoor enthusiast, an architectural designer, an artist, and a musician. I'm a creative person. Basically, I like to make stuff, almost anything. I like to work with my hands. I like to do things myself and I usually figure out ways to make things for less money and of higher quality than what is typically available in the marketplace. I believe in living sustainably and practically. I’m a proponent of debt-free living at least as much as possible. This book is about me and my family's lifestyle and attempting to put all those things into practice, and what it's brought us through. We bought our own place and began our own family mini-farm. Through farming, hunting, and fishing; we produced all of our food at one point. It's not just about me or my family though, God, the Creator, has given us everything we have. Any talents have been a gift from God. So, this book is about Him just as much as it’s about what He has done through me or my family, or what He has enabled us to do.

Written by Denise Crossan
Philip Crossan has spent more than half of his life loving the country lifestyle, in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country. Since the time we married, we’ve practiced homesteading and attempted to live a life that is sustainable and complementary to our faith. Over this journey of more than eighteen years, our story has developed. Through trials and errors, accomplishments, and successes, we have grown in so many ways.
During his youth, Philip became an accomplished artist and musician. He attended college first studying Architecture and Civil Engineering, then later Religion and Biblical Studies. Philip has practiced architecture on and off for about twenty years. During this time he also had the opportunity to run a furniture company for about thirteen years as well. Currently, we reside with our five children in our home that Philip built with his own hands; he writes books, makes videos with our oldest two children, and chases me around the kitchen for fun.

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