The Start of Our New Website

The Start of Our New Website

Here we are with the start of our new website. What to write?

Well it’s been a long process in getting here. We had to build the website, get the products and suppliers in order, put it all together, find the bugs in the system and fix those. It was a big project but the website is finally launched. A home for our blog and our own market place to sell products we make plus several we have made or get through distributors. There will be more added later to, this isn't everything.

We hope you’ll take a look around and hope you have an enjoyable experience. If you are familiar with our blogs and vlogs, we are a homesteading family. On our YouTube channel, For The Experience, we do a lot of build projects and general outdoors adventures, it’s a fun channel. We’ve had homesteading blogs in the past but there are so many people doing that now days. So what will be the point of this blog?

Nine Diamond Ranch is the name of our online store and also the name of our homestead; and this blog will be about Nine Diamond Ranch in general. We may discuss happenings around the homestead, or happenings in running the online store, or sales & specials, and maybe even touch on some of the fun in making the latest YouTube video.

Additionally Nine Diamond ranch donates a portion of all proceeds to charitable works. Starting out it is hard to say what we will be able to do long term but we are looking at a minimum of ten percent. Some of the charitable organizations we like are; Heifer International, Barnabas Aid, and Habitat for Humanity.

Thank you and we look forward to serving others while we grow in this venture. We hope you’ll check back and subscribe to our email list for updates.

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