Results for the First of Our Two Giveaway Drawings

Results for the First of Our Two Giveaway Drawings

We had the first of our two drawings. The results are in the attached video and also on our YouTube channel

All the winners have had their E-gift cards emailed to them already. If you hear your email address abbreviated or the initials check your email. We will draw 16 more winners on March 31st 2023. Thank you to all participants.


There's still time to get in on our second drawing. There will be 2 level one winners each will receive a $50 gift card to our store. There will be 4 Level Two winners and each will receive a $25 gift card to our store. There will be 10 Level Three winners each will receive a $10 gift card to our store.

If you want to be in the drawing check out the video and read below for more info and how to get involved. Thank you and we look forward to drawing winners and blessing them with these gift cards to our webstore.


1. To be eligible to enter the drawing you’ll need to be a subscriber to our YouTube channel For The Experience and also subscribe to our email list on at the bottom of the homepage. We will do our best to identify that a person is on both lists, it is at our discretion to determine.

2. On February 28 and March 31 we will draw names then in the next day or two we will email gift cards for our new website directly to the winners.

3. Videos of the drawings will appear on the channel and on the homepage of we will upload as soon as possible.

4. You can be a winner one time this calendar year. Meaning winners from the first drawing can’t win again in the next drawing.

5. Winners must be in the United States or have a U.S. shipping address, as our webstore does not ship outside the U.S.

6. Subscribers to both our channel and the email list, who didn’t win in the first drawing will automatically be in the second drawing if they are still subscribed to both when we do the next drawing.

7. The gift cards to our site will expire at the end of this calendar year December 31, 2023. So if you are a winner be sure and use your gift card before that date.

8. Gift cards can not be transferred or resent to a different email address but will be emailed to the original email on the subscriber lists.

9. Gift cards can not be exchanged for cash.

10. We will respect your privacy, we will not be reading off email addresses in the videos.

11. We do not sell information, the email addresses on our emails lists are subscribing to receive updates on our website. If they stay subscribed they will receive periodic emails about the webstore and the blog. You can always unsubscribe later after the drawings if you want.

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